Sobbing in front of the Constitutional Court Judge, Widodo Tells the Case of the Indonesian Army Suspected of Annexing Residents' Land

Agung Sandy LesmanaSelasa,

14 Desember 2021 | 15:45 WIB –  Widodo Sunu Nugroho, a witness who was presented in the trial of case Number 27/PUU-XIX/2021 at The Constitutional Court (MK) could not hold back tears and sobbed in front of the panel of judges telling the story that community land in the Urut Sewu area, Central Java was allegedly seized The National Ground Force Army (TNI AD).

"The Regent of Kebumen stated that the land fencing carried out by the TNI AD was on people's land," said Widodo in a follow-up to case Number 27/PUU-XIX/2021 which was broadcast by the Court virtually in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/12/2021).

For the community, the Kebumen Regent's statement is an affirmation of their rights so far. However, the recognition from the government is only temporary.

This is because, on the same day, the Regent of Kebumen re-announced the new TNI AD claim and was actually wider than the previous land claim. Initially, the TNI AD only claimed one piece of land that stretched for about 22.5 kilometers.

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