Rilis Pers Imparsial

“Selecting the Agenda for the Advancement and Enforcement of Human Rights”

Fallen Down, Crushed by Stairs: How Bad the Government in Handling Tangerang Prison Fires to Victims' Families!

“The New TNI Commander Must Be Clean from Records of Human Rights Violations”

1,700 Trillion for the Defense Sector Burdening and Disregarding the People

The Reserve Component Arrangement in the PSDN Law is Not In Accordance with Constitutional Values and Human Rights

23 Years of Reformation: Reforms Betrayed and Civil Liberties Threatened

Responding to the Prohibition of the Construction of the Ahmadiyah Mosque in Garut: Garut Regent's Policy is unconstitutional and must be repealed

In Response to the Designation of the KKB of Papua as Terrorist: The Designation Will Worsen the Human Rights and Security Situation in Papua

Responding to the Sinking of the Nanggala Submarine: Urging a Full, Independent Check of TNI's Weapon System and Tools

Preventive Measures in Overcoming the Threat of Terrorism Need to be Optimized

Indonesia's Democracy Emergency: Press and Activists Vulnerable to Attacks in Jokowi's Regime

Investigate the Allegations of the Unlawful Murder of Melianus Nayagau by the Security Forces in Sugapa

“Discussion on the Draft Presidential Regulation concerning Military Involvement in Overcoming Terrorism Actions Must Accommodate The Board of Representatives and Public Input”

The Reserve Component for Labor and Students is the Co-optation Strategy of Power in the Labor and Student Movement

Define Munir's Case as a Serious Human Rights Violation!

Eliminate Discrimination in Education

The Formation of the National Defense Reserve Component Is Not Urgent and Must Be Postponed: Finish the Military Reformation!

Responding to the Presidential Decree on the National Action Plan for the Prevention and Combating of Violent Extremism that Leads to Terrorism (RAN PE)

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