Komcad Getting Sued, Witness from Timor Leste Reveals 1999 Dili Massacre

CNN Indonesia
Wednesday, December 15th, 2021 07:54 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Witnesses from the petitioner for judicial review of the National Resources Management Act for National Defense (UU PSDN) originating from Timor Leste revealed that civilians who are armed and authorized to face defense threats have the potential to trigger serious human rights violations.
This was revealed by Chris Carrascalao when he was witness to the applicant in the judicial review hearing of Law Number 23 of 2019 concerning PSDN, which is the basis for the Reserve Component (Komcad) rule, at the Constitutional Court (MK), Jakarta, Tuesday (14/12).

He was a survivor of the massacre with up to 150 lives, in Dili, 17 April 1999, which was carried out by the Aitarak militia.

Chris did not tell the story sequentially, he still stammers every time he tells this tragedy. That day, Saturday 17 April 1999, a ceremony was held in front of the East Timor Governor's office, which was attended by Indonesian government officials. These included Tono Suratman and the head of the Aitarak militia, Eurico Guterres.

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