The National Police Needs to Apologize Institutionally for Slamming College Students – 14/10/2021, 13:28 WIB

Writer Rahel Narda Chaterine | Editor Dani Prabowo

JAKARTA, – Imparsial Director Gufron Mabruri believes that the Indonesian National Police (Polri) needs to apologize institutionally for the actions of its members who slammed college students during a demonstration in Tigaraksa, Tangerang Regency, Wednesday (13/10/2021).

According to him, "All Polri leaders at all levels cannot escape responsibility, especially morally, for the incident. "

"As a form of moral responsibility, there must be an apology from the National Police institutionally to the victim," said Ghufron when contacted by, Thursday (14/10/2021).

Ghufron also believes that an apology from the National Police can maintain public trust in law enforcement officers.

In addition, he also pressured the Police to ensure accountability and a thorough evaluation so that police brutality in handling demonstrations does not repeat itself.

He reminded that freedom of expression is a constitutional right of citizens that must be guaranteed and protected, and the police must avoid repressive approaches.

"It is also important for police leaders at all levels, especially the National Police Headquarters, to conduct a thorough evaluation of the implementation of the protocol for handling demonstrations," he said.

Furthermore, he also appreciated the steps taken by the Police Headquarters and the Banten Regional Police who were responsive in handling the incident.

Although now, the perpetrator, who is a brigadier with the initials NP, has already apologized, but according to Ghufron, this does not automatically erase the alleged violation he has committed.

"Strict steps in the form of a legal process must be enforced against these police officers, both in terms of ethics and criminal allegations," he added.

As previously reported, a short viral video showed a police officer slamming a protest participant in Tigaraksa, Tangerang Regency, during the 389th anniversary (HUT) of Tangerang Regency, Wednesday (13/10/2021).

In the video, the demonstration participant who happens to be a college student with the initials FA is pinned in the neck and then herded by a black-clad police officer.

After that, the police officer known as the NP brigadier slammed the FA to the floor hard enough to cause a convulsion.

Based on the police statement, FA, a student of UIN Maulana Hasanudin who became the victim in the incident, has been taken to the hospital for examination. Police claim that FA is in good condition.

For this incident, Tangerang City Police Chief Kombes Wahyu Sri Bintoro and Banten Police Chief Inspector General Rudy Heriyanto apologized to FA.

NP also apologized and stated that he was ready to take responsibility for his actions.

In addition, the Banten Police Chief also stated that he would take action against the police personnel who slammed FA.

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