KSAD General Andika is The National Soldier Commander? Don't Sacrifice Traditions

The Director of Imparsial asks president not to sacrifice tradition. Gufron Mabruri responds to rumors of Army Chief of Staff General Andika who will be appointed Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces

October 21st, 2021 14:50
 Reporter: PANJI

GenPI.co – Gufron Mabruri responded to rumors that KSAD General Andika would be appointed Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces. The Director of Imparsial asked the president not to sacrifice tradition.

According to a number of observers, The Commander-in-Chief of Indonesian Ground Forces (KSAD) General Andika has the potential to be appointed as the new TNI Commander.

In fact, since the leadership of the 6th President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the TNI Commander has been held in rotation from the Ground Army, Air Force, and Navy dimensions.

"The tradition of TNI commanders being held in rotation since the beginning of the reform must be maintained," said Gufron to GenPI.co, Thursday (21/10).

Apart from this, it has been regulated in the Law of the Indonesian National Soldier (TNI). Referring to Article 13 paragraph (4) of the law which states that the position of Commander-in-Chief can be held alternately by active high-ranking officers from each force who are currently or have served as Chief of Staff of the Forces.

"This model of rotation of the commander-in-chief also provides equality and equal opportunity to all dimensions," he said.

That way, according to Gufron, will grow solidity between the dimensions within the national soldier.

"Therefore, there should be no domination of one dimension in the position of The National Soldier's Commander-in-Chief. However, the rotation requirements must be accompanied by other requirements, such as track record, achievements and commitment to democracy, rule of law and human rights," said Gufron.

On the other hand, Imparsial Researcher Hussein Ahmad assessed that the application of the rotation pattern would foster a sense of equality between dimensions and have a positive impact on strengthening the soldier's solidity.

In addition, according to him, the rotation pattern is carried out to reduce jealousy that is very likely to occur among soldiers due to the impression that one of the dimensions is the golden child.

"The pattern of rotation of the position of the Commander-in-Chief, which has been started since the beginning of the Reformation, certainly needs to be maintained, moreover, it has also been mandated in the Soldier's Law," he said.

According to him, the process of changing the commander-in-chief should be used by the President as a momentum to push the soldier's reformation agenda forward, which is currently stagnant.

"The candidate for the Commander-in-Chief chosen by the President is expected not only to be able to encourage the development of the national soldier that is getting stronger and more professional," he said. (*)

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