KKB Extends Violence Cycle in Papua Post-Supply of Ammunition from Unscrupulous Police Officers

Jumat, 22 Oktober 2021 15:36

Editor: Roy Ratumakin

TRIBUN-PAPUA.COM, JAYAPURA – Imparsial Executive Gufron Mabruri is of the view that the alleged sale of ammunition by members of the TNI is a form of deviation.

More than that, this kind of thing has an impact on solving security problems in Papua.

Allegations of a number of unscrupulous members of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) supplying ammunition to parties affiliated with the armed criminal group (KKB) in Papua must be investigated and followed up.

Not only because it is a criminal offence, but also the case can have an impact on the longer cycle of violence in Papua.

"It is certain that the ammunition was used and that it hindered the breaking of the cycle of violence that continues to this day in Papua," said Gufron quoted Tribun-Papua.com from the Kompas page, Friday (22/10/2021).

Previously, based on the results of the examination of three people who were arrested in Mimika, Papua, on September 30th, 2021, facts are revealed about an individual member of the national armed forces who supplied 604 rounds of ammunition to three people affiliated with an armed criminal group in the mountains of Papua.

The three people are AB, KG, and BS who claimed to have obtained 604 rounds of 5.56 mm caliber ammunition from unscrupulous soldiers.

According to Gufron, there have been allegations that directly or indirectly, the conflict in Papua is being maintained.

The case of alleged sale of ammunition to conflict parties is a form of deviation in the context of the downstream security approach.

Meanwhile, Gufron continued, the fundamental problem that has not been touched so far is the security policy taken by the government in Papua.

Therefore, to decide on these irregularities, what is needed is not only a certainty of weapons, but a very thorough certainty of Papua as well, starting from policies, troop titles, and operations carried out, as well as aspects of transparency and accountability.

One of the policies that must be evaluated is the deployment of military personnel not only at the border, but also at posts in the middle of residential areas, which so far have been seen as disturbing the residents, and even becoming a systemic problem.

When things like that are never evaluated, problems of violence and human rights violations continue to occur.

“As long as these problems are not evaluated and corrected, deviations in the context of security operations will always occur. This case is a downstream problem. As long as the problems upstream are not touched, similar cases will always be repeated," said Gufron.

Separately, the External Deputy Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission Amiruddin Al Rahab said that the case of the soldier's involvement in supplying weapons to the group have been exposed.

From there, it appears that Papua has become a market for violence.

As a result, the conflict in Papua has become an unbroken cycle.

Considering that similar incidents have happened before, what is needed is a thorough evaluation by the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs on the security approach policies taken by the government so far.

Then, an evaluation also needs to be carried out on the security forces who have been deployed in dealing with armed disturbances and rearranging their existence.

“For too long, the Papua region has been categorized as a vulnerable area. The question is, after 20 years, it will continue to be a vulnerable area," said Amiruddin.

According to Amiruddin, such facts have an impact on the cycle of violence that continues to occur in Papua.

As a result, the issue of human rights has never been resolved until now because the events keep repeating themselves.

Meanwhile, the Head of the General Information Division of the National Armed Forces Information Center Naval Colonel Edys Riyanto when confirmed related to the alleged supply of ammunition to the KKB involving elements of the armed forces, said that his party was exploring the information. (*)

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