The Thrown Off Student Case, Not Enough Police Members Are Sentenced, The Police Chief to the National Police Chief Must Be Responsible – 15/10/2021, 07:12 WIB

Writer Rahel Narda Chaterine | Editor Diamanty Meiliana

JAKARTA, – The loud spotlight is getting louder over the event of a police officer threw off a protesting student during a demonstration held in Tigaraksa, Tangerang, Banten, Wednesday (13/10/2021).

The incident occurred when the Student Executive Board (BEM) alliance of Tangerang held a demonstration to commemorate the 389th anniversary of Tangerang.

The action is known to demand the issue of company waste that has not been resolved in Tangerang, the main tasks and functions of Covid-19 volunteers are missing, as well as infrastructure problems in the area.

However, the action was marred by violent actions by a police officer against a student. The incident was caught on video and went viral on social media.

A student from UIN Maulana Hasanudin with the initials FA, was pinned and suddenly got thrown off by a police brigadier with the initials NP from the Tangerang City Police.

Then, a police officer wearing a brown shirt then kicked the victim. After getting thrown and kicked, FA went into convulsions.

Based on the police statement, FA has been taken to the hospital for examination. The Police claimed that FA is currently in good condition.

For this incident, Brigadier NP, Tangerang City Police Chief Commissary Wahyu Sri Bintoro and Banten Police Chief Inspector General Rudy Heriyanto apologized to FA. The Banten Police Chief stated that he would take action against the police personnel who threw him.

Police Chief to Evaluate

Commissioner of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) Poengky Indarti said the National Police must evaluate the incident of police officer throwing off a protester.

Poengky said the case should serve as an illustration for the Police that police officers on duty in the field need sufficient knowledge about handling protests and human rights decently.

“This shows the importance of leadership direction in preparing the personnel on duty and their supervision in the field. Furthermore, it must be evaluated immediately so that there are improvements," said Poengky when contacted, Thursday (14/10/2021).

In line with Kompolnas, Imparsial Director Gufron Mabruri also urged a thorough evaluation so that similar incidents do not happen again.

He also believes that all the National Police leaders at all levels cannot escape responsibilities, especially in moral for the incident, so there needs to be an institutional apology.

"As a form of moral responsibility, an apology from the National Police institutionally to the victim must exist," said Ghufron when contacted.

Police Chief to be Punished

Halili Hasan, the Research Director of the Setara Institute, also highlighted. He considered that sanctions should not only be given to perpetrators of violence.

The National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, was asked to sanction the Tangerang Police Chief for the actions of one of his members who threw a demonstration participant.

"In addition to taking action and punishing perpetrators of violence, the National Police Chief has given sanctions to the Tangerang Police Chief according to the degree of negligence," Halili said.

According to him, the Chief of the National Police can impose sanctions on the Chief of Police to be dismissed so that it can serve as a deterrent effect for other police leaders.

"If necessary, be removed from office so that it becomes a precedent and a deterrent effect for regional police leaders who do not strictly discipline their members in their duties," he said.

Responding to the urge, the Tangerang City Police Chief Commissary Wahyu Sri Bintoro, responded.

"I am a public official and my position is a mandate, we have superiors and we carry out our duties based on orders from the leadership," Wahyu said to the media crew, Thursday.

To Be Processed By The Law

Although Brigadier NP has apologized to the victim, many parties are still pressing for the legal process to continue.

Amnesty International Indonesia Executive Director Usman Hamid urged the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo and Banten Police Chief Inspector General Rudy Heriyanto as leaders of the perpetrators who threw the victim to take responsibility.

"The National Police Chief must immediately ensure that police officers involved in violence against protester students must be prosecuted," said Usman when contacted.

A member of Commission III of the DPR from the Nasdem Party Faction, Taufik Basari, also voiced a similar concern. He asked the police officers who threw the protester to be punished.

Taufik assessed that the presence of a police officer who was prosecuted for committing violence, would have a positive impact on the police's professionalism.

“The National Police must take firm action against the violence committed by its members when handling student demonstrations in Tangerang. Not only disciplinary sanctions but also need to be processed criminally, "said Taufik.

Head of the Public Information Section of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Commissary Ahmad Ramadhan stated that the actions of a policeman who slammed a protest participant in Tangerang Regency, Banten were not in accordance with demonstration security procedures.

Ramadhan also said that currently the Professional and Security Division (Propam) of the Banten Regional Police is examining the policeman with the initials NP with the rank of brigadier for alleged violations of procedures while on duty.

Ramadhan ensures that the process of handling cases of alleged violations of this procedure will be carried out according to procedures and rules.

He emphasized that the Banten Police were committed to taking firm action against members who did not carry out their duties according to procedures.

“Police ask the public to entrust the handling of this case. Of course we will carry out this process according to the applicable procedures and rules," he said.