Police Officer That Slammed a College Student Gets Arrested

The condition of students who were slammed by the police in Tangerang is gradually improving.


16 Oct 2021, 03:45 WIB


REPUBLIKA-MFA (21) a student who was slammed by Brigadier NP during a demonstration in front of the Tangerang Regent's Office on Wednesday (13/10) and is being treated at Ciputra Hospital, Panongan, Tangerang, Banten. The student from UIN Banten was reported to have experienced vomiting and aches in several parts of his body. 

This was conveyed by Tedi Agus who is a friend of MFA who also takes care of him at the hospital. Based on information from Tedi, he had experienced conditions that tended to decline on Thursday (14/10) evening, so they had to be hospitalized at Ciputra Hospital. 

"If the condition this morning was because he woke up and still felt pain, he said (MFA) in the neck, shoulders, and back, especially the neck and head. Last night I was vomiting," said Tedi when contacted by Republika, Friday (15/10).

However, Tedi said, MFA's condition gradually improved on Friday (14/10) afternoon, along with the medical treatment he underwent. "This afternoon at around 13.30 WIB, it started to get better," he continued. 

Based on Tedi's narrative, MFA had a little difficulty in communicating because he was holding back pain in several parts of his body. “Communication is still smooth, a little difficult too because it's just too painful at the moment. Now it's starting to get back to normal," he explained.

Based on the photo shared with Republika, it can be seen that MFA is lying on a hospital bed with his eyes closed. He wore an IV in his left hand, and a brown collarbone support device and a black mask.

Tedi said that MFA could only be visited by one person from the family in his room, according to directions from the hospital. So far the treatment from the hospital is considered good.

“The treatment from the hospital is quite good because it is facilitated by the local government. The only one who can wait is his family, We even communicated earlier through a video call," he explained.

Previously, a demonstration that coincided with the anniversary (HUT) of Tangerang occurred in the Tangerang Government Center area on Wednesday (13/10) and ended in chaos, resulting in mutual pushing between a number of students and the security forces. In the evening, the police officer who threw off the student apologized for the incident. 

The National Police admits the violent action of its members against a student during a violent demonstration in Tiga Raksa, Tangerang, as a form of procedural violation. Head of the General Information Section (Kabag Penum) of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Headquarters Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan said Brigadier NP – a member of the police who perpetrated violence – is currently undergoing the process of enforcing sanctions for violations committed.

The Banten Police have so far detained the NP Brigadier who is a member of the Tangerang Police Satreskrim. This was done in the aftermath of his action in slamming a student, MFA (21 years old) during a demonstration in front of the Tangerang Regent's Office on Wednesday (13/10).

The Chief of Police Public Relations of Banten, Shinto Silitonga, said that since Wednesday (13/10), NP has been marathonly examined by the Profession and Security Division (Divpropam) of the National Police Headquarters and the Bidpropam of the Banten Police. He said, according to the order of the Banten Police Chief, the handling and filing of the NPs had been taken over since yesterday, Thursday (14/10).

"Currently, NP has been detained in a special detention room by the Banten Police Bidpropam," said Shinto in his statement, Friday (15/10). For his actions, he is a subject to multiple articles in the internal rules, so he will receive more severe punishment.

Shinto emphasized, his party ensured that he would be dealt with firmly according to the repressive actions he had committed. "Any error in a security procedure must be followed up so that we certainly will not allow any technical errors in security procedures anywhere in Banten" he said.

Regarding the handling of the health of MFA, Shinto explained that he had been brought to Ciputra Hospital Tangerang to get more optimal health services. "The condition of Faris (MFA) up to this afternoon is in a stable and good condition," he said.

Faris was treated by a team of professional doctors from Ciputra Hospital for medical recovery. "Faris is not only affected by the trauma of last Wednesday's incident, but also other diseases based on the results of intensive observation" he said.

Shinto said that efforts to restore MFA's health were concentrated, so that he was ensured to receive good health services.

The smackdown, which was done by a police officer against a student with the initials MFA (21 years old) has the potential to be a human rights violation. Therefore, the apology of police officer NP must also be processed legally.

“This action is not justified for whatever reason. Moreover, it is done by law enforcement. Even though the perpetrator has clarified and apologized, this does not remove the responsibility of the perpetrator," said Imparsial Director Gufron Mabruri to Republika, Friday (15/10).

Therefore, he said, the rapid response of the National Police Headquarters and the Regional Police to the case was important. There must be accountability by processing allegations of human rights violations, both from an ethical and criminal perspective.

"There should be no impunity because it will tarnish the police institution and reduce the level of public trust in the police," he stressed.

Amnesty International Indonesia's Executive Director, Usman Hamid, strongly criticized the actions of a police officer who threw down a student in Tangerang which went viral. These acts of violence cannot be resolved through apologies alone.

Usman stated that the act of throwing off protesters was classified as an act of excessive violence. He felt that the action deserved to be rewarded by the applicable law.

“Throwing off a peaceful protester as seen in the video footage is clearly an excessive use of force. Violations like this cannot be resolved with an apology alone," said Usman in a press statement received by Republika, Friday (15/10).

Usman asked police officials to take firm action against the personnel. He proposed that the perpetrators of violence against students be brought to justice in order to receive appropriate punishment. “The authorities must immediately investigate this incident thoroughly, independently and impartially. With the evidence from the investigation, the perpetrators must be tried in a general court that is fair and open to the public," said Usman.

Usman also revealed that the use of excessive force by the authorities was not something that only happened once. In a series of demonstrations against the revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law that took place in July and August, Amnesty International found evidence of excessive use of force allegedly carried out by security forces against demonstrators.

"During a series of demonstrations against the Omnibus Law in October 2020, Amnesty also recorded at least 402 alleged cases of police violence in 15 provinces," said Usman. Usman assessed that violent acts by police officers would continue if there were no firm sanctions.

“Events like this will keep repeating themselves if each incident is deemed to be resolved with an apology or administrative sanction only. If the police want to be seen by the public as a humanist institution, then the perpetrators must go through a fair legal process, and concrete steps must be taken to prevent similar incidents,” said Usman.

Contacted separately, the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) has regretted the action of a police officer who threw off a student in Tangerang. Kompolnas urges all police personnel to be briefed and provided with knowledge about human rights.

"The case in Tangerang must be a reflection that members in the field must still be equipped with knowledge about human rights and handling the protests," said Commissioner of National Police Commissioner Poengky Indarti to Republika, Friday (15/10). ).

Poengky asked that the mindset of police personnel be improved in dealing with demonstrations. Police personnel must act wisely. 

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