The Birth of the BEDA Community in the Moment of the Youth Pledge

October 28th, as Youth Pledge Day is used by the Bengawan Muda community, or BEDA to introduce themselves to the public. BEDA was born from the Youth Interfaith Camp (YIC) activity facilitated by Imparsial from 12-17 September 2021. From the YIC activity, the participants realized the importance of youth's role in maintaining and maintaining the existing harmony. So that after YIC the participants are committed to forming a forum to initiate various activities in the community.

The word "Bengawan" is intended to represent the history, icon, and social capital that already exists in Surakarta. So the value to be conveyed is that the Bengawan Muda community tries to maintain and develop the social capital that has been built. While the word "Young" means that youth must take part in maintaining harmony and advancing the nation.

In addition to introducing themselves to the public, the BEDA community also held a talk show with the theme Tolerance as the Spirit of Unity: The Role of Youth, Government, and Media in Caring for Diversity. The speakers in this talk show were Malik Rosyid Ridho as Chairman of BEDA, Yusuf Rohmat from Peacegen, Syifaul Arifin from Solopos, and Indradi AP, SH., MMDi, as Head of Kesbangpol Surakarta.

In addition to launching BEDA, the event which was held in the Jebres district hall was also held a talk show, entitled Tolerance as a Spirit of Unity: The Role of Youth, Government, and Media in Caring for Diversity. Before the talk show, Imparsial's director Gufron Mabruri delivered his remarks about the participation that the BEDA community will carry out. “The presence of the BEDA community is expected to strengthen what already exists, which is already running in the community. It's just a matter of synergizing, collaborating with communities and other organizations including the government, criticism and urban villages. So that efforts to strengthen diversity, diversity remains sustainable in society."  

As the organizer of the event, Malik as the Head of BEDA conveyed the purpose of choosing the Youth Pledge moment as BEDA's birthday. “The commemoration of the Youth Pledge should be able to take the ethos, spirit, and values that exist in the Youth Pledge event. Therefore, we take at least three values and passions that exist in the Youth Pledge that we apply at BEDA, namely connectivity, inclusiveness, and counter ideology. Connectivity in BEDA there are various religions, ethnicities and others. Our inclusiveness embraces all walks of life with humanity, and we are also friendly to friends with disabilities. And counter ideology as a movement against movements and ideologies that are not in accordance with the spirit of unity."

Also attending the event, the head of Kesbangpol Surakarta, Indradi AP, SH., MMDi, expressed his appreciation for the formation of the BEDA community, and the importance of building a joint movement between communities to echo the real world and the virtual world with the narrative of harmony that already exists in Surakarta, he conveyed . "It's amazing, the BEDA community has conveyed this in order to express the love of the youth in the city of Surakarta in particular, about the importance of nationalism, the importance of tolerance, which they express so beautifully with differences."

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