TAKK Reported Post-Tangerang Prison Response Findings

Gatra.com | October 28th, 2021 21:47

Jakarta, Gatra.com – The Advocacy Team For Fire Victims (TAKK) reported its findings to the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) on Thursday (28/10). This report is related to the post fire response at the Tangerang Class 1 Penitentiary.

Previously, TAKK, which consisted of LBH Masyarakat, LBH Jakarta, LPBH NU, and impartial opened a post-fire complaint post. There were 9 complaints and 7 authorized.

Public attorney for the Citizen Legal Aid Institute (LBH Masyarakat) Ma'ruf Bajammal said that there were findings obtained from the victim's family that were reported to Komnas HAM.

"We then reported the findings to Komnas HAM, and were then well received by Commissioner Pak Muhammad Choirul Anam," said Ma'aruf at the Komnas HAM Building, Central Jakarta on Tuesday (28/10).

According to Ma'ruf, there were 7 findings, namely the unclear and transparent process of identifying the victim's body. He said there was no clear information known to the victim's family even until the body was buried. "What is the basis for identifying the victim," said Ma'ruf.

The second is the non-disclosure of the delivery of the bodies of the deceased.

Third, there is the inadequacy of the victim's coffin.

Fourth, there are indications of intimidation when signing administrative documents and taking the victim's body.

Fifth, there is an attempt to silence the victim's family so that the victim's family does not sue any party for the Tangerang prison fire incident.

The sixth is that there is no continuous psychological assistance to the victim's family after the handover of the victim's body.

The seventh is the provision of 30 million IDR by the government which is said to have not helped the victim's family at all.

According to Ma'aruf, there are 4 basic problems from the 7 findings, namely, the non-disclosure of information at the time of handing over the victim, the inappropriateness of returning the bodies to the deceased victim, abuse of circumstances which then affects the human rights of the victim's family which then has an impact on allegations of human rights violations. to the victim's family, and the absence of compensation to the victim's family as a form of government accountability for the fire incident.

"On the basis of this, then at least there are allegations of human rights violations related to this incident," said Ma'aruf.

Citing a written statement from TAKK received on Thursday (28/10), the findings of the post-fire response process at the Tangerang Prison have an impact on the recognition, reduction, enjoyment and use of the victim's family's human rights as guaranteed in Article 28A, Article 28G paragraph (1) of the Constitution. Republic of Indonesia in 1945 (the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia) and Article 17 of Law Number 39 of 1999 concerning Human Rights.

The fire in the Class 1 Tangerang Prison itself occurred on Wednesday (08/09) early in the morning. The cause of the fire is said to be due to an electrical short circuit. There were 49 victims died and 6 people were named as suspects in this incident.

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