The TNI Retirement Age Material Test is Assessed as Short-Term, Triggers Non-Job Officers

CNN Indonesia
Thursday, February 10th, 2022 15:44 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of observers think that the judicial review of the TNI's retirement age is only for the sake of extending the term of office of the Commander in Chief without considering its effect on the accumulation of officers without positions or non-jobs.
The lawsuit was previously filed by a number of retired TNI. They asked the Constitutional Court to equalize the retirement period of members of the TNI with members of the Police.

“The main impact for the TNI organization if this lawsuit is granted is the widening of the bottleneck in the career management of TNI soldiers. Increasing the retirement age will exacerbate the phenomenon of non-job soldiers in military institutions," said the Head of the Center for Intermestic and Diplomatic Engagement (CIDE) Anton Aliabas when contacted by, Thursday (10/2).

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