Komcad Material Test, Expert: China Plans War for Control of the Indian Ocean in 2050

Dominique Hilvy Febriani

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 – 18:20 WIB

JAKARTA -SINDONEWS.COM- China is said to be in the middle of carrying out a strategic plan for 70 years. The Bamboo Curtain country is ready to deploy its forces and win the war to win at two points, namely Guam in the Pacific Ocean and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

This was conveyed by defense observer Andi Widjajanto, who is a government expert in the judicial review session of Law Number 23 of 2019 concerning Management of National Resources for National Defense (PSDN) regarding reserve components (Komcad), Tuesday (18/1/2022). A judicial review of the PSDN Law was proposed by a number of NGOs. They asked for the reserve component in the law to be abolished because it was considered dangerous and unconstitutional.

Those who sued were IMPARSIAL, KontraS, the Jakarta Public Virtue Foundation, the Indonesian Legal Aid and Human Rights Association, Ikhsan Yosarie, Gustika Fardani Jusuf, and Leon Alvinda Putra.

Initially, Andi Widjajanto was asked by the applicant's attorney, Hussein Ahmad, regarding the change in his attitude regarding Komcad in the PSDN Law. “First, your statement on August 13rd, 2010 with the title Formation of Non-Urgent Reserve Components. Brother said that the formation of reserve components in the Indonesian defense system in the current Indonesian defense system is not a very urgent matter. The reason you say is, at this time Indonesia is not in a position to prepare to defend itself for war.

The question is whether with the formation of a reserve component now in this PSDN Law, is Indonesia preparing for war?” said Hussein Ahmad in a trial at the Constitutional Court which was broadcast via the Constitutional Court's YouTube (18/1/2022).

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