Disbandment Text towards Mass Organizations

Yudhi Hertanto

Doctoral Program in Communication Studies at Sahid University

March 15th, 2022 18:14

Boom! Disbanding means to disperse, to scatter. While disbandment is an act of active action to achieve a disbandment situation. The choice of the word disbandment has multiple political consequences, especially when it is associated with the existence of mass organizations.

As a gathering place, an organization is clearly different from a formless crowd. The existence of an organization is equipped with the tools and structures as well as the legality of its formation. That way, we can interpret mass organizations as a form of expression within the organization. Freedom to express opinions, including to gather in them, is an important element in ensuring plural and diverse conditions, in the midst of shared life. The existence of mass organizations, has goals and an agenda of activities that are agreed upon by all its members. Al Araf's research results, 2022, Dissolvance of Mass Organizations, A Political-Legal History in Indonesia (1945-2018) mentions that at every stage of power, efforts to disband mass organizations take place in a typical motive, when mass organizations are seen as a nuisance to power.

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