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Soal Sengkarut Lapas, Arsul Sani: Kalau Menterinya Mundur Tak Juga Selesaikan Masalah
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About Sengkarut Prison, Arsul Sani: "The Minister Resigning Isn't Going To Solve The Problem"

Agung Sandy Lesmana | Bagaskara Isdiansyah Tuesday, September 14, 2021 | 18:01 WIB Suara.com - Member of Commission III of the DPR RI PPP faction Arsul Sani, said that if the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly resigned, it would not solve the problems that exist in prisons or prisons. The pressure to resign for Yasonna was indeed flowing after the fire in the Tangerang Class 1 prison. "When it comes to resigning or not, it goes back to the minister. If the minister resigns, the problem is solved, isn't it," said Arsul at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (14/9/2021). Arsul said that the Commission III of the DPR RI is of the view that the problems that occur in prisons, especially the case in Tangerang, are oriented towards fixing the system. "So if you...
Peneliti Imparsial Sebut Keluarga Korban Kebakaran Lapas Tangerang Bisa Gugat Negara Secara Perdata
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Imparsial Researcher Says Families of Tangerang Prison Fire Victims Can Sue the Country Civilly

Sunday, 12 September 2021 19:38 WIB Tribunnews.com Reporter, Gita Irawan TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Imparsial researcher Hussein Ahmad assessed that it is possible for the families of the victims of the Tangerang Class I prison fire to file a civilian lawsuit against the country. Hussein said that at least this can be seen from article 1367 of the Civilian Code where it is stated that a person is not only responsible for losses caused by his own actions, but also for losses caused by the actions of people who are his responsibility or caused by goods that are in his possession. under his supervision. This was conveyed in an online discussion entitled Tangerang Prison Tragedy: Where is the Country's Responsibility? on Sunday (12/9/2021). "Actually this is a civil...
LSM: Pemerintah Tak Becus Revisi UU Narkoba, Lapas Jadi Sesak
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NGOs: Government Incompetent to Revise Drug Law, Prisons Become Overcrowded

CNN Indonesia | Sunday, 12/09/2021 15:12 WIB Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- Imparsial researcher Hussein Ahmad said the government was half-hearted in revising the Narcotics Law. Whereas the regulation has the potential to cause the correctional institution (Lapas) to over capacity because it is filled with drug convicts. "The government has so far been reluctant to revise the Narcotics Law. But until now there is no clarity regarding the narcotics law. I see the government here is half-hearted in revising the Narcotics Law," Hussein said in a virtual press conference, Sunday (12/9). Hussein explained that the current Narcotics Law tends to make drug convicts end up in prison. According to him, some of these prisoners can be seen as victims who don't need to be imprisoned but are being rehabilitated...
Harusnya Malu dan Mundur, Tewasnya 44 Napi di Lapas jadi Preseden Buruk Menkumham Yasonna
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Should've been ashamed and resign, the deaths of 44 prisoners in prison set a bad precedent for the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna

Agung Sandy Lesmana | Mohammad Fadil Djailani Sunday, 12 September 2021 | 14:35 WIB Suara.com - Imparsial researcher Hussein Ahmad thinks that the Minister of Law and Human Rights (Menkumham) Yasonna Laoly should be the person most responsible for the burning incident of the Tangerang Class I prison which killed 44 inmates some time ago. Even with this incident, Yasonna Laoly should feel ashamed for setting a bad precedent for her performance as a minister. "There were 44 people who died in the tragedy, there were government hands covered in blood, Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly should not be demanded to resign because she herself should be ashamed and resign," Hussein said in his virtual press conference, Sunday (12/9). /2021). ...
Menkumham Yasonna Laoly Didesak Mundur Imbas Kebakaran Lapas
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Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly Is Highly Urged to Resign Thanks to Prison Fire

CNN Indonesia | Sunday, 12/09/2021 13:30 WIB Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- The civil society coalition urges the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly to step down as a form of responsibility in the fire tragedy in the Class I prison in Tangerang, Banten. The coalition consists of LBH Masyarakat, LBH Jakarta, LPBH Nahdlatul Ulama Tangerang, and Imparsial. Public attorney for the Community Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Maruf Bajammal said there was government negligence that caused the fire to occur. In fact, according to Maruf, the fire could have been prevented or anticipated so as not to cause any casualties. "Based on this, LBH Masyarakat, LBH Jakarta, LPBH Nahdlatul Ulama Tangerang, and Imparsial urge the President and DPR to immediately dismiss the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonn...
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