Researchers Are Worried that 2 Generals Will Run for the 2024 Presidential Election

Researchers Reveal The Impact If Two Military Generals Become Presidential Candidates in the 2024 Presidential Election.

October 26th, 2021 15:55
 Editor: CAHAYA
 Reporter: PANJI – Imparsial Deputy Director Ardi Manto Adiputra explained the impact if two of the most popular National Military generals run as presidential candidates in the 2024 general election.

As is known, the name of the former Military Commander Gatot Nurmantyo and Staff Chief General of the Ground Army Andika Perkasa were included in the survey by the Indonesian Poltracking Institute with an electability of 1.12 percent.

"Of course there will be an impact on the military organization," said Ardi to, Tuesday (26/10).

He admitted that he was worried that there would be abuse of office in the direct election mechanism if the two figures ran for president.

"From the aspect of the election process, of course, there will be concerns about the deployment of military organizations either directly or indirectly in support of the contestants," said Ardi.

Not without reason, according to him, the two figures have a fairly large mass of voice and have the potential to mobilize support from the military.

“Electoral politics originating from former soldiers is certainly not good for the military. Their neutrality as well as the Police's are inescapable things in the election process," he said.

However, he admits that General Andika and Gatot has a fairly good popularity when he gets a strategic position in the Indonesian military.

Even so, according to Ardi, the two figures must be free from accusations of being involved in human rights violations while serving as soldiers and free from corruption issues.

"There needs to be a screening mechanism made by the election organizers by involving the community at large," said Ardi.

Not only that, he also assessed that the public should participate in monitoring and assessing whether figures from the military cluster deserve to be president.

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