Asking Government to Revise KKB Terrorist Status in Papua, DPR Members: Is it Right or Not?

Friday, December 3, 2021 10:54

Editor: Roifah Dzatu Azmahlihat foto the most important thing, according to him, is that the state budget is getting depleted for counterterrorism operations. For this reason, according to him, being labeled a terrorist for the KKB does not solve the problem, but instead makes the conflict in Papua more protracted and more complex.

According to him, the Papua issue is a human security issue that concerns human dignity and is free from threats of violence, welfare, and a decent life.

For him, it must be separated that the problems in Papua are also related to the safety of the people, human safety in which the TNI-Polri personnel are also included.

This was conveyed in a Webinar entitled Human Security in Papua which was broadcast on the Imparsial Indonesia Youtube channel on Thursday (2/12/2021).


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