Civil Society Coalition Asks Board of Citizen Representative to Conduct Fit and Proper Test of Military Commander in a Transparent manner


  • Fathiyah Wardah

The Civil Society Coalition for Security Sector Reform asked the Indonesian Board of Citizen Representative (DPR) to conduct a fit and proper test for the candidate for Military commander Andika Perkasa in an open and transparent manner.

JAKARTA (VOA) — The Civil Society Coalition for Security Sector Reform urges the DPR to openly conduct a fit and proper test regarding the sole candidacy of Staff Chief General (KSAD) Andika Perkasa as a candidate for the Commander of the Indonesian National Soldier (TNI). They suggested that the DPR should involve credible institutions in the process.

The pressure was raised because the coalition consisting of Imparsial, HRWG, LBH Jakarta, KontraS and PBHI assessed that President Jokowi's move to propose General Andika Perkasa contained three serious problems.

These problems include, said Coalition spokesman Hussein Ahmad, the nomination is considered to violate the mandate of Article 13 paragraph 4 of Law Number 34 of 2004 regarding the Military, where the positions are carried out alternately by three dimensions, namely the Army, Navy and Air Force. . He saw that the position of the Military Commander should be the Navy's allotment.

In addition, he added, in proposing a candidate for the commander in chief, the President should really ensure that the proposed candidate does not have a bad record, especially regarding human rights violations. Hussein emphasized that the news linking Andika Perkasa's name in the murder case of a Papuan figure, Theys Hiyo Eluay on November 10, 2001, must be taken seriously.

In this regard, Hussein said that the DPR could invite the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) to investigate how Andika was involved in human rights violations, not only in the context of the killing of Theys Eluay, but also her track record.

Hussein further explained another reason, namely the problem of Andika's high wealth value in the midst of the problems of military soldiers who are still struggling with welfare issues. He emphasized that Andika's total assets, which reached IDR 179.9 billion, raised questions.

Moreover, he said, there was information that the State Administrators Wealth Report (LHKPN) was only reported in June 2021, even though he had served as Staff Chief of the Ground Force since November 22nd, 2018.

Good Fit and Proper Test

On a separate occasion, DPR Commission I member TB Hasanuddin said his institution would conduct a fit and proper test. He also said that although Military Commander Hadi Tjahjanto's retirement was approaching, the process of nominating a new Commander would not be too late.

"There is still time. If the Commander retires on December 1, it means that the inauguration of the (NEW Commander) is the last week. It's only the first week. There's still two weeks. I think that's enough,” said TB Hasanuddin.

The DPR will follow up on the President's letter regarding General Andika's nomination with a fit and proper test to be carried out by Commission I of the DPR.

The results of the fit and proper test, he said, would be reported at the DPR plenary meeting to make a decision, whether to approve or reject. [fw/ah]

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