Imparsial Criticizes the Warning Letter of the Acting Regent of Sintang regarding the Demolition of the Ahmadiyah Mosque – 22/10/2021, 13:48 WIB

Writer Achmad Nasrudin Yahya | Editor Kristian Erdianto

JAKARTA, – Imparsial criticized the warning letter issued by the Acting Regent of Sintang Yosepha Hasnah regarding the demolition of a mosque belonging to the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Community in Balai Harapan Village, Temunak, West Borneo.

Imparsial Executive Director Gufron Mabruri stated that the warning letter showed the Regent of Sintang was acting discriminatory and citizens' constitutional rights to worship.

"The steps taken by the Sintang Regent are a bad example for regional heads who do not comply with the state constitution," said Gufron, in a written statement, Friday (10/22/2021).

Based on a copy received by, the letter contained a warning for the demolition of a building without a permit that was used as a place of worship by the Ahmadiyya.

This warning letter was signed by Yosepha on October 15th and addressed directly to the Head of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation, Balai Harapan Branch.

The local government gave 21 days for the Ahmadiyah management to dismantle their place of worship in Balai Harapan Village.

This is the second time the local government has issued a warning letter for the demolition of the Ahmadiyah mosque.

Previously, the first warning letter for the demolition of a place of worship belonging to Ahmadiyah was issued on September 8th, 2021, only a few days after the destruction of a mosque belonging to an Ahmadiyah in early September 2021.

With the existence of this second warning letter, Gufron assessed that the Regent of Sintang has positioned himself on the side of those who are intolerant of the Ahmadiyah Jama'at.

He stated that the Regent of Sintang failed to carry out his constitutional obligations to protect the freedom of religion or belief of the citizens.

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