Discussions in Unair Law Faculty, Problems with PSDN Existence Using Old Pradigma

Puguh Hariyanto

Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 – 00:11 WIB

SINDONEWS JAKARTA – The existence of Law Number 23 of 2019 concerning the Management of National Resources (PSDN) for National Defense has again reaped many records. Imparsial Deputy Director Ardi Manto assessed that the PSDN discussion process was considered problematic from the start. Because it was done in a non-transparent manner, it was discussed in a short time in the DPR. And this proved later in substance to have various problems. "Among them are reserve components that can be deployed for non-military and hybrid threats, while the definition of the two threats is not clear. This has the potential to create horizontal conflicts in the community," said Ardi, Friday (22/4/2022).

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